Founded in 2013 with Headquarters in New York and development lab in Moscow, GetIntent is a global organization with 40 employers, most of whom are engineers. CEO George Levin has over 10 years experience in advertising, which helps him understand the needs and goals of our clients. Our CTO Vladimir Klimontovich is an RTB pioneer who began his IT career in 2004. George and Vladimir became friends during high school in Russia, after discovering their shared interest in math and science. They share an innovative mindset, a vast business-case portfolio, and a firm belief that ad tech solutions should be transparent and cost efficient

Mission and Culture

We work behind the scenes, focusing on technology development while optimizing our prediction and anti-fraud algorithms for our customers.

Our goal is to help advertisers make more money through more relevant advertising. We love to see our customers’ businesses grow, whether they are agencies using our Self-Service DSP or ad tech companies building on top of our RTBSuite.

Our culture focuses on adding value to customers' business and empowering them with strong engineering and scalable foundation.