GetIntent DSP Automatically Converts Creatives from Flash to HTML5

Starting September 1st, 2015, Google disabled the automatic playback feature of flash-banners in the Chrome browser, following Apple’s Safari. The company stated that this is done in order to extend the battery life of laptops, as auto play flash-content significantly reduces battery life. This blocks peripheral content, such as banner ads. From now on, to start SWF banners, the user must manually turn on the animation (click-to-play).

According to statistics from, Chrome is the most popular browser, with about 41% of the total users. Followed by Safari and Internet Explorer browsers with 27% and 16%, respectively.


Advertisers are now switching creatives to HTML5 format, which is becoming the industry standard. This is good news for advertising agencies and their clients, since the implementation of HTML5 will improve their return on desktop and mobile advertising. Flash banners can be blocked on desktop browsers and often do not play at all on mobile devices. This problem will be solved with the transition to HTML5.

GetIntent created an innovative solution for our customers. Now when uploading a .swf  creative, the platform can automatically convert the creative to HTML5.

After simply clicking on the “Convert to HTML5 Banner”, the right format will remain on our servers and GetIntent will serve this creative on HTML5 compatible browsers.