GetIntent secures $1 million from Buran VC and Thomas Falk

New York (September 8, 2015) – GetIntent, a global real-time bidding (RTB) platform, has secured $1m in the second seed round of financing. The round was led by Buran Venture Capital, whose last contribution was an investment into Shazam. The co-investor is Thomas Falk, a global ad-tech entrepreneur and strategic investor, founder of Falk eSolutions AG, which was sold to DoubleClick and later acquired by Google.

GetIntent provides transparent and convenient access to RTB infrastructure. The company’s solutions are based on its own native technologies, powered by machine-learning algorithms, which support marketers across the globe allowing them to activate data and optimize every touch point across all their media. The GetIntent platform is designed to handle all kinds of ad formats, namely desktop, video, mobile and native ads, where the company has the most formidable competency. In July 2014 the company extended internationally and established a New York office, which provided annual revenue growth of more than 100%. GetIntent has a number of diverse international advertising agencies as clients, as well as global brands and large ad-tech companies.

Investments will accelerate the growth of the business and development of the company’s key products Self-Service DSP and RTBSuite to create the most transparent and customizable products for the programmatic market. For this purpose, GetIntent plans to double its headcount of developers in Russia and grow its sales and marketing team in the USA.

Self-service DSP works as a SaaS for brands and agencies allowing them to launch and manage ad campaigns by themselves. RTBSuite is a software solution which allows large companies to build their own DSP in a matter of months and save millions on their bottom lines. The clients get Bidder, User Interface, LiveReports, Campaign Management UI, Prediction Engine and BigData Framework. This top-notch solution was built to reduce time-to-market and the start-up costs of developing a programmatic platform.

The successful company development on the US market first of all builds on deals with large ad-tech companies relating to the purchase of RTB Suite products. Secondly, GetIntent has no minimum ad budget threshold. This led the company to strike deals on using Self-service DSP with ad agencies of the SMB segment to access the whole gamut of modern RTB-technologies. Moreover, the DSP platform offers a unique transparent pricing model instead of the usual commission-based payment. The company charges a fixed technical fee per 1000 impressions served through the platform, thereby enabling customers to optimize their marketing budgets more efficiently.

“Many people think that RTB is a magic black-box technology. Yet we are sure that RTB is something down-to-earth. We focus on the combination of technologies and pricing transparency, as our main aim is for RTB to become a compulsory tool in marketing communications. The resources of such strong partners as Buran Venture Capital and Thomas Falk will let us make progress, develop lightning fast and improve our products”, - highlights CEO and cofounder of GetIntent, George Levin.

“We are pleased to support GetIntent in achieving their ambitious goals. We believe that GetIntent will thrive as a technology platform by empowering advertisers with full transparency, efficiency and new media formats required to succeed in the RTB space. The company is led by an outstanding and experienced team that already showed strong technological innovation as well as an ability in launching new products and entering new markets.” – Mihaly Szalontay, Buran Venture Capital Managing Partner.

“First of all I am investing in the team of people united by groundbreaking ideas, specialty experience and profound expertise. Their technical background in the sphere of RTB solutions and online advertising creates quite a serious basis for the development of a successful and competitive business”, - says Thomas Falk.

About GetIntent

GetIntent provides transparent and convenient access to RTB infrastructure. GetIntent was founded in 2013 by two talented Russian mathematicians - George Levin and Vladimir Klimontovich. George worked for more than 8 years in the market of Internet advertising for large online companies where he held leadership roles. Vladimir is a pioneer of the RTB market in Russia. He worked as a software development team leader for IPONWEB, the market leader for the RTB platform. In autumn 2013, Getlntent attracted its first investment; $400,000 from venture fund AltaIR Capital. In July 2014 the company expanded internationally and set up their office in New York. As a result it has brought the company high earnings and self-sufficiency.

About Buran Venture Capital

Buran Venture Capital (BVC) is an Eastern-European venture capital firm founded in 2012 with a focus on early-stage internet and technology companies. BVC targets e-commerce services, mobile applications and services, online media, SaaS solutions (Software as a Service) and IoT (Internet of Things) in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Israel, and Turkey. BVC invests from US$0.5 million up to US$3 million per startup.

The fund’s portfolio consists of the following companies: Shazam – one of the world’s most popular mobile applications aimed at recognizing music and TV content, Netology Group – the largest online education platform in Russia, Ponominalu – a TOP 5 online ticketing platform for entertainment events in Russia, SravniKupi – an online insurance service allowing customers to compare and buy car and travel insurance products, Dashboard Systems – a SaaS solutions for the automation of the Board of Directors, the Management Board, Committees and Working Groups.

The founders of Buran Venture Capital also made a significant personal account investment into is the largest chess-playing online community in the world with more than 12 million registered users.

About Thomas Falk

Thomas Falk is a serial entrepreneur, investor and General Partner of Evalue, Partner at the investment bank Digital Capital Advisors (DCA) and the US-based investment fund Revel Partners.  He is responsible for the strategic direction and the international investment strategy. The investments cover the complete digital value chain from online video, mobile advertising to rich media, ad technology, targeting, performance marketing and RTB. The current portfolio includes companies such as The Trade Desk, MediaBrix, Exactag, etc.

In addition, Thomas Falk was significantly involved in the growth of and exit from the companies: smartclip, EyeWonder, Falk Realtime, amaysim,, United MailSolutions, StrikeAd. He was involved with the companies since their foundation and internationalization until successful exits. Previously, Thomas Falk served as President for EMEA at DoubleClick, acting on the highest international management level, after selling his company Falk eSolutions to the latter. He left this position when DoubleClick was acquired by Google.

He is specializing in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Rich Media, Adserving, Email Marketing, Targeting and Performance Marketing.