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Programmatic will never disappoint you anymoreEnjoy transparency and efficiency of
buying and selling programmatically

Getintent header bidding solution

Game-changing header bidding solution

Discover fair programmatic trading with minimal integration hassle. Increase bid competition by running auctions with multiple demand partners. As they compete on equal footing, you get an opportunity to assess real value of your ad inventory.

Getintent provides direct integrations to premium publishers

Direct integrations to premium publishers

No middlemen will muck up the ad supply chain. The Getintent bidder connects the programmatic demand platform to the supply that the buyer needs enabling to set filters for exchanges and avoid SSP fees.

Getintent AI-powered solutions

Goal agnostic AI

At Getintent, we engage new AI tech when developing our programmatic solutions. This ensures higher yields for publishers and better impressions for advertisers without much lifting. Advanced AI algorithms work for the ad quality rating. We do not tolerate clickbait and extremist content. Period.

Getintent programmatic solutions with real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

All Getintent solutions come with detailed performance metrics. You can track viewability, fill rate, and other key stats to adjust your buying or selling strategy accordingly. Publishers can better manage header bidding partners because they have comprehensive analytics at their fingertips, such as bid landscape, win price or latency by demand source, geo, and domain.

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