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GetDynamic: Personalize ads with dynamic creative optimization

Build your custom logic for creative personalization across devices and formats. Create thousands of personalized ad messages tailored to specific user segments or groups.

How it works

Creatives are personalized according to each user’s preferences and browsing history, as well as targeting and contextual variables at the moment of ad serving

  • Geo
  • Weather
  • Times of the day
  • Speed of internet connection
  • Audience segments
  • Website content
  • CTR
  • Viewability
  • VCR
  • CR
  • Exposure time


Video + call-to-action
Video + call-to-action + HTML block
Video on pause + HTML block
Video + carousel
Video + packshot

Why dynamic creatives?
  • Automation

Reduce the complexity of a campaign setup using Getintent templates that automatically pull in the relevant data into the creative in real time.

  • Personalization

Personalize creatives in real-time using any trigger (geo location, weather, time of the day), first- or third-party data segments, or other context targeting variables.

  • Optimization

Optimize campaigns by post-click metrics. Getintent AI algorithms run multivariate testing and choose the best performing combination of creative elements.

Why Getintent?

  • Get dynamic creatives and optimization for free with a qualifying campaign.

  • Full-service support – we design creative templates, set up, manage and optimize your campaigns.

  • Ready-made video creative templates – no extra production costs.