Yuri Dud is the first vlogger to get his own branded app on Getintent.TV platform

Yuri Dud is the first vlogger to get his own branded app on Getintent.TV platform

Getintent announces the launch of Getintent.TV, a turnkey solution for managing and monetizing OTT video which enables popular YouTube vloggers and other video content owners to easily launch applications for Smart TV and smartphones and monetize them due to advertising. The first app launched on the Getintent.TV platform has become the app for the popular YouTube channel – vDud.

Owners of TVs connected to the Internet will have access to interviews and documentaries by Yuri Dudy. The users also will have an opportunity to buy branded merchandise directly in the app.

Applications created on the Getintent.TV platform provide users with additional features that are unavailable in the YouTube app. In particular, it is more convenient to navigate through the content, it supports video timecodes, and allows to view information in the description and follow links using QR codes.

The vDud app is already available on the app stores of popular Smart TV manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG. The app versions for other connected TV (CTV) platforms, such as Android TV and Apple TV, as well as smartphone apps will be released soon.

To install the app on your Smart TV, type "vdud" in the search bar in the app store and follow the instructions.

In the near future, the apps for other popular YouTube projects in Russian and English will be launched. Vloggers who chose Getintent.TV receive:

  • A ready-made, fully customized application for all popular connected TV and smartphones platforms;

  • An additional source of monetization due to the connected Getintent’s advertisers and ad mediation with the major ad networks;

  • An opportunity to sell branded products to the loyal audience directly from the app using the built-in merchandise display;

  • Direct contact with the loyal audience and a channel to attract new users;

  • A new level of independence by avoiding the risks of unreasonable blocking by the video hosting administration or inaccessibility of the video hosting in general.

  • Access to app usage statistics, audience information, tools for managing ad campaigns and generating reports for advertisers.

Learn more and send a request to create your own app at https://getintent.tv/.