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Getintent is a forward-thinking adtech company that revisits programmatic advertising

Getintent is a perfect match
for your programmatic needs

Getintent proprietary technology stack for programmatic solutions

Proprietary technology stack

Scale and customize your solution.

We boast in-house industry expertise and experience you can always rely on. We streamline processes, build custom features, fine-tune and scale the platform as you need to.

Getintent demand side platform powered by AI-algorithms

Artificial intelligence

Discover new opportunities.

We leverage the latest AI developments to mine pools of data for trends and predictable patterns. As a result, you get a blueprint on how to reach your best prospects at the right moment and place.

Getintent ad inventory for display, video, mobile and native

Full inventory for display, video, mobile and native ads

Live up to omni-channel reality.

We keep our ad inventory offering up to date and latest trends, so that you could masterfully take on the cross-channel marketing challenge.

Getintent programamtic platform with advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Take advantage of actionable insights.

Our programmatic platform comes with comprehensive live reporting. Measure your campaigns across screens to maximize performance and achieve real business outcomes.

Getintent operates within a transparent and reliable partner ecosystem

Transparent and reliable partner ecosystem

Safeguard your brand goodwill.

We are very picky when choosing partners for data and inventory. With your brand safety in mind, we scan the industry for the best-in-class trustworthy providers.

Getintent. Programmatic reinvented.

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