Our solutions

Our enterprise solution, GetIntent RTBSuite, reduces both the time-to-market and start-up costs associated with developing a programmatic platform. DSPs and SSPs can now be built quickly using a robust foundation. Written in Java, RTBSuite provides a set of customizable libraries and frameworks that enable best-in-class programmatic solutions to be crafted in as little as three to eight weeks.

Bidder Code

Handling thousands requests per second in a real-time environment, Bidder Core manages complex real-time ad decisioning and algorithm optimization across display, native, mobile, and video inventory.

Designed for maximum scalability, the ad-server and pixel-server are integral parts of the Bidder Core, which sends data to our Real-time Prediction Engine and receives predictive input. All data pipes running through it are specifically tailored for each client.

Realtime Prediction Engine

Driving top performance, the proprietary data engine can predict the probability of any web- user interaction (click, conversion, viewable impression). This component utilizes cutting-edge machine learning algorithms tailored to meet various challenges of today’s marketer. The capacity to learn rapidly on minimal volume provides significant savings.

BigData Framework

Our Big Data Framework enables real-time collection, processing and transformation of source data. Processing petabytes of advertising event logs over a distributed cluster, facilitates seamless analysis and the ability to quickly build of audience segments. The framework is "engine-agnostic" and can sit on top of Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark. Low-volume datasets can even be processed in RAM entirely in order to reduce Apache Hadoop overhead.


A powerful reporting tool analyzes metrics and trends by 50 different parameters defining performance behavior. Our Live Reports tool provides insights into running campaigns and available inventory. The reporting interface is designed to return results of over 10 billion datasets almost instantaneously. We offer an API that allows easy integration with customer’s own reporting infrastructures.

Campaign Management UI

We’ve developed a flexible and easy-to-use interface that allows our clients to launch their campaign within minutes, while supporting various targeting and optimization strategies. It empowers clients to buy and optimize different media across all devices. The UI interacts with Bidder Core through the simple and well-documented API.

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Need a bidder to execute media buys, but aren’t ready to commit to building out an entire solution? Are 3rd party DSPs not providing enough flexibility or customization for you? Customized and built on top of RTBSuite, our bidders support video, mobile, native and desktop.

Full transparency

The old axiom “buyer beware” still holds true, but with the complexity of today’s ad tech market we are big advocates of buyer be aware. GetIntent clients have the ability to pull any metrics updated in real-time: opportunities, fill rate, view rate, bid rate, win rate, etc. All stats are available in our reports and can be used to optimize the buying process.


Made for ad tech companies, GetIntent’s white-labeled bidding solution provides access to over 50 inventory sources from day one, including video, mobile and native inventory.

Proprietary Anti-fraud & Viewability algorithms

Robustness against fraud plays an integral role in any viable innovation in the online advertising. For over three years, GetIntent’s in-house data scientists have been fine-tuning and improving our anti-fraud and viewability algorithms, filtering out fraudulent and unviewable impressions.


Write our own algorithm for bidding, use your UI and/or optimization logic on top of our bidders, create and edit campaigns, pull any metrics, and set your optimization rules via our API. Or use our UI and our machine- learning fill rate optimization algorithms.

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The GetIntent Header Bidding solution implements a modern SSP technology which allows customers to remove publisher waterfalls and increase revenue for media. All bidding happens user-side and all demand connections receive bid requests simultaneously. Solutions are built on the top of our RTBSuite platform, which contains a huge library of different RTB components written in Java, allowing easy customization and implementation per project needs.

Better yield management

Removal of the waterfall flow allows for a more effective monetization of publisher inventory. Header bidding solution also solves inefficiency problems associated with tag-based integrations, such as discrepancy and fees paid on passbacks.

Reduce hardware costs

The bidding happens user-side which generates zero payload to SSP servers. Connecting 10x more DSPs does not require customers to pay 10x more for SSP hardware.

Fair play

RTB auctions become more transparent for demand platforms. Demand sides receive better understanding about inventory available for bidding.

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Built on top of the RTBSuite framework, GetIntent’s self-service platform is made for agencies and advertisers. Powered by machine learning algorithms, GetIntent Self-Service DSP provides access to all RTB inventory for display, video, mobile and native ads. Clients have access to a fully self-serve platform with superior training and support.

Full transparency

Updated in real-time, our clients get live visibility of which websites/applications, demographic data (sex, age, interests), and even ZIP-codes, to provide the best results for their prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Using our UI, our clients can see post-click, post-view, conversion rates, CTR and viewability for any and all campaigns.

Detailed Forecasting

Do you want to know how many women ages 30-35 in Brooklyn were on fashion websites today during working hours? This information is just 5 clicks away. Or maybe you want to know how many clicks you can get within this audience for $5,000 budget. Robust forecasting is a core component of the GetIntent Self-Service DSP.

Smart Retargeting

Stop retargeting to a pixel and start remarketing to real users. GetIntent’s “Smart Pixel” eliminates the tediousness of being forced to place 10 different pixels, instead allowing you to segment and target users against their activities on the page. In minutes, you can build and target segments such as “men who visited a page 3 times from Facebook or Google search, but did not convert.”

Proprietary Antifraud & Viewability algorithms

Buy audiences, not bots. The best targeting in to world doesn’t help if you’re not reaching real humans. For over three years, GetIntent’s in-house data scientists have been fine-tuning and improving our anti-fraud and viewability algorithms, filtering out fraudulent and unviewable impressions and clicks.

Brand safety

Brand safety is of the utmost importance. Ensure your brand equity with GetIntent by only targeting on appropriate pages. Go beyond standard whitelisting and blacklisting. By using GetIntent’s proprietary Contextual and KeyWord engine, brands can avoid serving ads on negative keywords or inappropriate websites.

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Trent Wahlfeldt, VP of Client Services Altitude Digital

Working with GetIntent has been a positive experience since day one. With their user-friendly interface, customer service and flexibility to adapt to our specific needs, we are pleased with our partnership with them

Ilya Kretov, CMO Ebay Russia

We used GetIntent to drive traffic to our special offers and loved that we were able to target the audience via mobile devices and certain SSP’s.

Dan Peskin, Senior Marketing Manager Fab.com

As an e-commerce company, working with GetIntent's knowledgeable team directly has been a great experience. They brought new and innovative ideas to the table to optimize our media buying. We launched our first test with GetIntent in 2015 with a goal to stay in front of our target audience and increase e-commerce sales. Even with our aggressive goal, GetIntent surpassed the benchmark month after month. As an advertiser, we have found it's vital to have a partner like GetIntent to stay ahead in the programmatic landscape.

Robb Lazenby, COO OnePiece

We've been working with GetIntent for over a year now. We were looking for a partner who had a user-friendly interface and an extensive reporting tool. Their hands on approach led unparalleled consultation on how we can improve our campaign effectiveness. We're very happy with the results and looking forward to see what GetIntent can continue to deliver.