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AI-powered bidder,
service powered by people

  • Time to market One day setup.
    Zero start-up cost.
    No prepayment.
    No hard dollar commitments.
  • Get new business opportunities Get more visibility on the market.
    Expand your offering to the existing clients.
  • Grow your revenue Manage your margin and
    earn more with our agency pricing and billing feature
  • Premium support Guided onboarding,
    ongoing training and support, knowledge sharing.
    Full-service management or self-service.
  • White labeling Brand our platform as your own with your agency’s
    name and logo.

Unparalleled service
for growing agencies

If you’ve been burned by a DSP that promised service
but didn’t know the meaning of the word, upgrade to Getintent. You’ll get:

12-hour service response time

Creative launch
in 24 hours or less

100% guaranteed correct campaign parameter setting

Getintent proprietary technology stack for programmatic solutions

Get smarter control,
total transparency

Getintent makes it easy for even non-technical staff to create reports that show how powerfully your campaign is working. Pull any up-to-the-minute metric from the UI or via the API in real-time, any time. Viewability, post-click, post-view, conversion rates, CTR, fill rate: every stat you can imagine is instantly available in detailed campaign reports on demand.

Getintent smarter API

Get the API that starts smarter
and stays smarter

Even if your agency is new to programmatic, you can leap ahead. On day one, leverage all the power of our AI engine, and get customized dashboards perfectly tailored to your specific workflow. We help you grow smarter, too: our API makes it easy for you to push your performance to new heights as your expertise grows.

Getintent antifraud and viewability algorithms

Outsmart the bots: get
scale and viewability you need

Getintent’s AI is smarter than simple whitelisting and blacklisting. And way smarter than bots. With every impression our AI sees, its filtering algorithms get smarter at excluding fraudulent or unviewable impressions and clicks. It’s so smart you can even set the viewability rate that makes the most sense for you. Plus, our contextual and keyword engines that help eliminate the risk of your client’s ads being served on the wrong sites. Brand-safe is smart. Anything less, isn’t.

Get the DSP that’s right
for your growing agency

If you’re a global agency with amazing in-house capabilities and giant budgets, you can work with almost any DSP and get exactly what you need. You can – and probably really should – work with one of the giants. But if you’re not a giant (at least not yet), it’s smarter to work with Getintent. We’re purpose-built for agencies exactly like yours – and set up to give you the support and service you need to build your capabilities.

Why agencies choose Getintent

A.B. Data

We were challenged with targeting some unique audiences. Knowing what third party data is going to achieve the best results for any given targeting challenge can be hard if you are not working with a wide variety of data partners regularly. Getintent has the partner network and experience to find even your most unique audiences online.

We are always impressed with Getintent’s excellent client service – quick accurate turnaround on targeting and pricing requests as well as on-time on budget campaigns that are well optimized to our KPIs. When we need an advertising partner, we know we can turn to Getintent, and they will deliver.

We really can’t say enough about the customer service. The team is incredibly responsive. The reporting is detailed, flexible, and accurate. Every campaign that we have run with Getintent has gone off without a hitch.

Linda Young, VP Media Director


As an e-commerce company, working with Getintent’s knowledgeable team directly has been a great experience. They brought new and innovative ideas to the table to optimize our media buying. We launched our first test with Getintent in 2015 with a goal to stay in front of our target audience and increase e-commerce sales. Even with our aggressive goal, Getintent surpassed the benchmark month after month. As an advertiser, we have found it’s vital to have a partner like Getintent to stay ahead in the programmatic landscape.

Daniel Peskin, Senior Marketing Manager

Involved Media

We needed a DSP that presented us with the tools to run campaigns optimizing to video fill rate and other more technical analytics. The platform not only incorporates a smart AI optimization that allows us to scale, but dynamic reporting making it easy to analyze these more detailed metrics. The customer service is top-notch and our team finds the platform very intuitive. The transparency helped Involved Media grow our relationship with Getintent and the overall experience is highly recommended.

Daniel Razumov, CMO

Look Listen

Getintent provides a unique combination of a programmatic delivery platform and technology innovation. Our advertiser needed a unique strategy that capitalizes on a strong algorithm to drive direct response KPIs. Getintent’s artificial intelligence allows us to optimize video campaigns to high viewability benchmarks, while delivering on strictly defined KPIs. The interface is very flexible, allowing anyone to upload all IAB standard formats and set parameters for new campaigns. The dynamic reporting provides full transparency and allows us to analyze the data quickly, saving time and improving results.

Erica Robinson, Sr. Media Manager


We needed to find a partner that was flexible with a growing company and didn’t require a 50k-100k minimum monthly spend and a long term upfront commitment. My experience has been excellent to date. The Getintent support team and account management professionals have guided through every step from onboarding to changes to optimize our campaigns. I like the reporting elements and the flexibility to run all types of reports in their dashboard. Their UI is easy to use and very intuitive. I would recommend working with Stephen and Brandon as they have gone above and beyond to help our company succeed using the Getintent platform.

Mark Levin, CEO


When looking for a dynamic bidder that allowed us to access supply, there was no other choice that compared to Getintent’s highly customizable API feed. The ability to adjust multiple parameters within one single campaign, such as the bids, multiple times per minute yields better performance. Layering in our own in-house algorithms for optimization and the dynamic pricing feature, which allows us to optimize bids on a domain and even creative level, gives us the tools we need to exceed KPIs and perform.

Elay de Beer, CEO

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