Getintent case study | Best API for real-time performance optimization

The best API for real-time performance optimization

Check out how real-time performance optimization using Getintent’s API allowed the client to get 35% margin increase


European-based trading desk focused on performance marketing


Real-time performance optimization using API


Former partners (two major US DSPs) could update bids via API only every 10–20 minutes, which negatively affected performance and cost efficiency


The Getintent API allows bids to be updated in nearly real-time, enabling you to fine-tune campaigns every second


    35% margin increase for the client

    Client’s feedback

    We used to work with all the largest DSPs but decided to shift our budgets to Getintent as it has the best and the most developed API we ever used. Also, with other DSPs we needed a lot of external providers to monitor inventory quality. This is a built-in feature at Getintent.