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для открытия банковского счета

Как построить знания о банке среди заинтересованной целевой аудитории и привлечь новых клиентов

Case studies Dynamic creatives optimization for a PVC windows manufacturer

How to improve video completion rate and CTR with dynamic creatives and geo triggers

Smart TV video campaign for a CPG brand

Take advantage of video ads on Smart TV  — get access to a high-income audience and get higher video completion rate

URL targeting to deliver viewability and increase video completion rate

Target specific URLs instead of top-level domains for better campaign performance

Dynamic creatives and weather triggers for a pharmaceutical brand

Show dynamic ads at the right time to increase engagement. With weather triggers, the campaign will launch at the moment when the weather is most favorable for advertising.

Action Predictor to increase video completion rate

How to improve post-click experience and to optimize a campaign for video completions

Action Predictor to optimize page views

Leveraging the Getintent Action Predictor for a pharmacy brand display campaign resulted in a lower bounce rate and longer sessions

The best goal agnostic AI

Getintent smart pixel tracks all website events and optimizes towards several different conversions

Dynamic creative optimization for a video campaign

Learn how retargeting video campaigns with dynamic creative optimization helped to drive more registrations for an e-commerce website

Getintent AI for video

This is how Getintent’s viewability and conversion rate optimization helped to increase view rate by 2.5x while decreasing CPA by 50%

The best API for real-time performance optimization

Check out how real-time performance optimization using Getintent’s API allowed the client to get 35% margin increase

Dynamic bidding to save AdOps resources

Have a look at how Getintent helped the client spend 30% less AdOps team resources to manage campaigns

Weather triggers for programmatic campaigns

A story about how running dynamically updated ads that leverage weather conditions helped the ski resort to sell more tickets