Getintent case study | Best goal agnostic AI for programmatic campaigns

The best goal agnostic AI

Getintent smart pixel tracks all website events and optimizes towards several different conversions


US-based advertising agency



Optimize towards several different conversions



Setting up a new conversion optimization is time-consuming and requires assistance from DSP



The Getintent smart pixel tracks all website events. New conversation rule can be set up in the UI within 5 seconds. No extra pixel is required.


Client’s feedback

    Placing a new pixel and setting up new conversion optimization always takes some time. With Getintent we need to place only one pixel and then set up any conversion rule on the platform and launch a campaign to optimize towards this conversion. Our advertiser is constantly adding and removing new pages to their domain. As long as the smart pixel is placed in the header, we can easily update our tracking in the platform effortlessly. No code or tag manager work required.