Getintent case study | URL targeting to deliver viewability

URL targeting to deliver viewability and increase video completion rate

Target specific URLs instead of top-level domains for better campaign performance


Bank offering car insurance services



  • Build up brand awareness
  • Improve campaign performance and optimize media cost:

Viewability ≥ 70%
Процент досмотров ≥ 50%
CPC ≤ $0.39


  • Campaigns on VPAID inventory showed unsteady viewability, so we were looking for a solution that would ensure the desired visibility of the creative.
  • For the advertiser, it was important that the user watched the video to the end.




  • To optimize the campaign for viewability and video completions, we decided to target specific URLs instead of targeting top-level domains. This made it possible to identify pages with low viewability (due to irrelevant content) without excluding the domain from ad placement completely.
  • We launched two ad campaigns with the same targeting settings. To improve the quality of the user contact with the ad message, we optimized both campaigns for viewability, CTR, and VCR. The first campaign was optimized by filtering top-level domains, while the second one — by excluding inefficient URLs. The decision on the efficiency or inefficiency of a particular URL was made based on the analysis of the campaign performance stats collected during four days.
  • The URL targeting strategy demonstrated higher KPIs and lower media cost: viewability reached 77.8% (when targeting top-level domains — 61.9%), video completion rate increased to 55.8% (when targeting top-level domains — 48.9%), CPC was $0.25 ($0.56 when targeting top-level domains).




    • Achieved steady viewability – 71%
    • Increased vídeo completion rate by 6%
    • Reduced cost per click by 11%