Getintent | Action-предиктор

Action predictor

The action predictor is used to purchase impressions from users who are more likely to take the target action.

Key features

Increases conversions

Predicts results

Learns from other strategies

Automates manual labor

Parameters for analysis

  • Geo: country, region, city
  • Target action
  • Browser
  • OS
  • Device
  • Site visiting hours
  • SSP
  • Publisher ID
  • Domain
  • ID app
  • Transition site
  • Advertising campaign ID
  • Creative ID

Targeted actions

No conversions are required
to collect a new CPA model
  • View depth
  • Video screenings
  • Start video
Requires at least 50 conversions
to collect a CPA model
  • Add to cart
  • Order on the website
  • Visiting a specific page
  • Actions on the page