Getintent | Campaign planner

Campaign planner

Plan effective and scalable ad campaigns that reach your most valuable audiences. Set up parameters and select targeting tactics to fit with your digital advertising strategy and budget.

Key features

  • Available inventory estimate

    Check how many ad impressions are available for your campaign in real-time, avoid overbooking or underselling.

  • Bid price recommendations

    Take advantage of bid competition overview and get insights on recommended CPM and CPC.

  • Delivery forecast

    Get an outlook of how changing your targeting settings affects your available inventory and ad spend.

  • Frequency capping

    Limit duplication and unnecessary escalation of media spend, identify optimal frequencies for your strategies.

  • Historical benchmarks

    Evaluate performance benchmarks across all campaigns historically run on the platform to make better decisions.

  • Transparency

    Full transparency over inventory, data assets and how your programmatic strategies are being executed.