Getintent | White Label

White Label

Build your own programmatic business on top of Getintent white label solutions. Get a flexible ready-to-use platform with all essential features built-in.

Getintent white label solutions

Build a completely customized platform and label it with your own brand
Configure your own marketplace in a way that generates more yield
  • Intuitive and powerful UI
    See how your campaigns perform in user-friendly dashboards
  • AI-powered campaign optimization
    Optimize campaigns by viewability and media cost metrics
  • Automatic fraud filtering
    Keep calm, our self-learning antifraud engine does all the inventory quality check
  • Granular reporting
    Observe campaigns performance in real time, drill down into any metric
  • Cross-channel
    Deliver ads of the most innovative varieties of display, video, and native formats across screens
  • First-party data onboarding
    Expand your targeting capabilities – put your customer data into play
  • Unified platform for all transactions
    Manage partners, integrations, prices and pull reports in a single interface
  • Private and open marketplace
    Decide on which terms to sell your ad inventory
  • Greater control over your inventory
    Take advantage of dynamic price floors, first- and second-price auctions
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
    Get up-to-the-minute stats on your programmatic inventory and revenue
  • AI-based mediation engine
    Rely on our algorithms to find the highest paying ad source
  • Video-centric solution
    Sell all out-stream and in-stream video formats approved by IAB and Coalition for Better Ads

Why Getintent?

  • Ready-to-use solution

    You get a ready-to-use platform with all essential tools and helpful features already built-in.

  • Flexible

    Enjoy better control, transparency and efficiency of programmatic buying without dipping into technology.

  • Affordable

    We offer a full-stack demand or supply platform at a cost of an ad server.