Getintent | Data à la carte

Data à la carte

We have the data the way you like it. From pre-packaged audience segments from premium data providers to our proprietary behavior-based audience segmentation.

Getintent data enablement
  • Datanautica© proprietary technology
    Uncover audience insights and target users with the highest conversion likelihood with the Getintent real-time behavior-based audience segmentation engine.
  • Third-party data partnerships
    Leverage third-party data from over 30 premium data partners and more than 1000 ready-to-use data segments to run data-driven campaigns.
  • CRM data onboarding
    Break down data silos and activate your first-party data to discover your most valuable users and create scalable custom audiences.

Getintent targeting

  • Third-party data
    • Socio-demographic
    • Behavioral factors
    • Сonsumer intentions
  • First-party data
    • IP address lists
    • CRM data remarketing
    • Site targeting
    • Email retargeting
  • Advanced targeting
    • Device
    • Page placement
    • Whitelist
    • Cross-device
  • Location and content
    • Geo location
    • Context
    • Keyword
    • Postal code