Getintent | Brand safety and fraud detection

Brand safety and fraud detection

Getintent draws on proprietary self-learning fraud detection algorithms and integrations with key industry verification services to ensure valid traffic and protect your media budgets against malware and other threats, delivering robust prebid and post-campaign ad quality metrics and reliable measurement.

AI-powered antifraud algorithms are ever-evolving, constantly learning from historical performance data pulled from all ad campaigns.

Multilevel self-learning antifraud algorithms ensure brand safety

  • verification on demand
  • AI-based real-time fraud detection algorithms
  • Automatically updated blacklists based on historical dataх
  • Advertiser-specific blacklists and contextual limitations

Key features

  • Viewability

    We offer vCPM as a charge metric, so you do not have to pay for impressions that do not align with the agreed viewability threshold.

  • Brand safety

    We maintain a variety of filters and review contextual placements and keywords to ensure your ads appear only among the content you find appropriate.

  • Fraud prevention

    We expand our proprietary antifraud arsenal by integrating with top third-party verification providers like Adloox to eliminate suspicious traffic.

  • Domain spoofing protection

    Getintent has the built-in ads.txt filter to verify that the supply you purchase is the supply offered.